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The Fontes Law Group boasts a seasoned team that provides proficient legal counsel in Santa Ana, CA, specializing in various fields including immigration law, family law, workers’ compensation, and criminal defense.

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Santa Ana Immigration Lawyers in Riverside

Immigration Law

Fontes Law Group possesses outstanding proficiency in dealing with family-based immigration issues. Navigating the intricacies of U.S. immigration law can be challenging for many. With the guidance of a seasoned Santa Ana immigration attorney from Fontes Law Group, we aim to make the process more manageable for you.

Santa Ana Immigration Law

Santa Ana Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Law

Numerous individuals facing criminal charges often have minimal or no prior interaction with the criminal justice system. The Santa Ana criminal defense attorneys at Fontes Law Group recognize the significant implications when your liberty and freedom are at risk.

Santa Ana Criminal Law

workers comp lawyer santa ana

Workers Compensation Lawyers

Employers in Santa Ana are mandated to have workers’ compensation insurance to safeguard their employees in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. The workers’ compensation attorneys at the Fontes Law Group in Santa Ana are well-versed in the strategies often employed by employers and insurance companies to evade workers’ comp claims, and they know how to effectively counter these tactics.

Santa Ana Workers Compensation Lawyers

Santa Ana Family Lawyers

Family Law

Family law issues are often some of the most challenging experiences individuals encounter. Guided by attorney Catherine Navarro, our family law firm in Santa Ana is acutely aware of the emotional and financial tolls our clients endure when navigating family-related matters.

Family Lawyers in Santa Ana

Divorce Lawyers in Santa Ana


Todas Nuestras Abogados Hablan Español

Fontes Law Group brinda servicios legales honestos y excepcionales a las personas de manera oportuna. Todos nuestros abogados hablan español, lo que permite la comunicación directa con nuestros clientes de habla hispana.

Riverside Law Firm

Whether you’re facing matters related to immigration, criminal defense, family law, or workers’ compensation in Santa Ana, California, securing a skilled attorney who is well-versed in the pertinent laws and has experience managing similar cases both inside and outside the courtroom is vital. The right legal representation can guide you through the intricate legal system, ensuring you comprehend your rights and what to anticipate.

Our Team

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Martin C. Fontes

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Catherine J. Navarro


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Victor Franco

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Eric Marquez


Fontes Law Group: Your Legal Ally in Santa Ana

Comprehensive Legal Solutions at Fontes Law Group

Nestled in the vibrant city of Santa Ana, California, Fontes Law Group stands out as a beacon of legal expertise, providing comprehensive solutions across various legal domains. Our firm’s ethos is rooted in a commitment to deliver strategic and effective legal representation to our diverse clientele.

  • Immigration Expertise: Under the guidance of Martin C. Fontes, our team excels in navigating the complexities of immigration law, delivering nuanced counsel to those facing immigration challenges.
  • Family Law and Probate: Catherine J. Navarro, recognized for her legal acumen, steers clients through the intricacies of family law and probate matters, ensuring a strategic approach to sensitive issues.
  • Criminal Defense Insight: Victor Franco brings a wealth of experience in criminal law, providing vital insights and defense strategies for those entangled in criminal proceedings.

Bilingual Legal Services for Diverse Communities

  • Bridging Language Barriers: At Fontes Law Group, we understand the importance of clear communication. Our bilingual team proficiently caters to both English and Spanish speaking clients, ensuring that language is never a barrier to justice.
  • Culturally Informed Representation: Our attorneys’ ability to converse fluently in Spanish allows us to serve a broader community in Santa Ana, offering culturally sensitive and accessible legal services.

Customized Legal Strategies for Every Client

  • Client-Centric Approach: We prioritize understanding each client’s unique situation, tailoring our legal strategies to suit individual needs and objectives.
  • Navigating Legal Pathways: Whether it’s a matter of workers’ compensation, family law disputes, immigration challenges, or criminal defense, our team is equipped to guide clients through every legal hurdle.

Fontes Law Group in Santa Ana is not just a law firm; it’s a hub where legal challenges are met with tailored solutions, professional dedication, and cultural sensitivity. Our team’s proficiency in multiple languages, coupled with their extensive legal experience, positions us uniquely to serve and succeed in the diverse landscape of Santa Ana’s legal needs. Here, we are committed to offering not only legal expertise but also a supportive environment where every client is heard and represented with the utmost professionalism.

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