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At Fontes Law Group, PC we provide our clients in Santa Ana with personal and effective legal representation in all areas of family law.

Our firm prides itself in being high-level strategists, skilled communicators, creative problem solvers, and, above all else, trusted advisors.

Fontes Law Group, located in Santa Ana, specializes in family law with a team of experienced and bilingual attorneys who offer compassionate and personalized legal representation in both English and Spanish. Understanding the personal nature of family law disputes, our firm is committed to guiding families through challenging times with professionalism and a deep knowledge of the legal landscape.

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Catherine Navarro

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Catherine J. Navarro


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Our Family Law department is headed by Attorney Catherine J. Navarro. At Fontes Law Group, PC we give clients the personal attention they deserve; respect is given to your time, and resources, and, when possible, technology is utilized to assist in obtaining measurable, cost-effective results.

The California Divorce Process in 7 Steps

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Factors That Impact The Cost Of Divorce In The Riverside and Santa Ana

Although it is impossible to predict the cost of your dissolution, keep in mind the following factors:

  • Whether there are litigation costs, such as expert witness or court reporter fees
  • Whether there are children and child custody disputes
  • The nature of the contested issues
  • The number of issues on which the parties agree
  • The level of cooperation between the opposing parties and lawyers
  • Whether your case involves legal questions that are new to California
  • Your attorney’s hourly rate
  • Your conduct and that of your spouse

Reasonable, Flat-Fees With Payment Plans Available

We quote reasonable fees for all of our Family/Divorce cases. Cases are mostly handled on a flat-fee basis and payment plans are available.

Our sophisticated, efficient, affordable, and client-centered services separate us from other firms as we help our clients achieve their goals.

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