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Guns and Firearms Charges in California

If you are facing charges related to guns and firearms in California, you should consider hiring a skilled and experienced defense attorney in Riverside. The state has strict penalties for offenses such as illegal possession of firearms or ammunition, carrying a concealed weapon, brandishing a firearm, and transporting a firearm in a vehicle. Additionally, a gun enhancement can increase the penalties for other charges. Our firm specializes in defending individuals against these types of charges, including “wobblers,” which can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies.

A conviction for a felony weapons charge can result in a permanent criminal record, imprisonment, and limitations on housing and employment opportunities. Choosing the right legal representation can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

California Guns & Firearms Lawyers

Types of California Guns and Firearms Charges: 

    • Illegally possessing a firearm or ammunition as a convicted felon
    • Unlawfully displaying or waving a firearm
    • Carelessly discharging a weapon
    • Having a firearm on school property
    • Holding a firearm while under the influence of drugs
    • Carrying a hidden firearm without a proper license
    • Having an assault weapon in one’s possession
    • Possessing a magazine capable of holding a large amount of ammunition
    • Not safely storing a firearm resulting in access by a child
    • Making unauthorized changes to a firearm
    • Being in possession of a firearm that is not registered
    • Using a firearm during the commission of specific criminal offenses.

If convicted of a misdemeanor firearms offense, an individual may face a maximum penalty of one year in a county jail as well as standard court costs and fines. Additionally, a period of probation lasting up to five years may also be imposed. In contrast, if the charge is filed as a felony, the maximum possible penalty could be a prison sentence in a state correctional facility.


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